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The Minnesota Electric Meter School is laid out into three groups, each of which has a course program specifically tailored to that specific knowledge level of job classification. Participants may attend any classes from any tracks, however, it is recommended to follow the tracks as they are designed for different experience levels. Prospective attendees will find a brief summary of the courses below: (H) indicates a session with "Hands-On" training.

NEXT SESSION: September 17th - 19th, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in Roseville, MN.

Track 1:
Metering for Beginners

  • History of Electric Metering
  • Math for Metering Review
  • Basic Electricity Review
  • Intro to Single Phase Meters
  • Shop Testing Single Phase Meters
  • Applications and Wiring of Instrument Transformers
  • Safe Field Work Practices
  • Field Testing Single Phase Meters
  • Metering Utility Rates

Track 2:
Intermediate Metering

  • Polyphase Metering Review
  • Reactive Metering and Demand Metering
  • Polyphase Meter Programming
  • Applications and Wiring of Instrument Transformers
  • Load Profile Metering
  • AMR Technology

Track 3:
Advanced Technicians

  • Overview of Polyphase Transformer Rated Testing Equipment
  • Field Testing Primary Distribution Level Customer Installations
  • Troubleshooting Large Customer Installations
  • Using Load Profile Recording Meters
  • Testing Panel Meters and Transducers
  • Power Quality and Metering
  • Communications and Metering
  • Metering Design, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance in Transmission Substations
  • Meter Testing Programs

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